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Child Law Advice Service

"Your free legal advice factsheets and free telephone advice service have been invaluable to clients who do not qualify for legal aid." Nathalie El-Korashy, Solicitor

"May I just say how fantastic the service is that you offer. I am now so much clearer on what the options are and feel more at ease with the information I now have. The live web chat was easy to follow and I now feel empowered to make informed decisions regarding my concerns and circumstances. Thank you very much to a warm and receptive team!" Katie, Oxfordshire.

"You have been brilliant! People and organisations such as yourself are a dying breed and I am so glad I came across you."

"I spoke to one of your advisers who was professional, courteous, patient and very helpful. His advice and the information that he has provided has put my mind at ease and will help with how I am going to respond and present my case at the Court Hearing."

"I am an adviser with Woking CAB specialising in family. I frequently refer clients to your website or give them copies of your factsheets. In my view they provide excellent summaries on the law. Well done!"

“The advice I received was invaluable in helping me long before my situation came to court, while I was preparing for court and during the time I was at court. I confidently represented myself in court thanks in no small measure to this service and the advice that I received. My daughter's relationship with me is now protected by a court order, and I am incredibly grateful for the support from CCLC that helped to make this happen.”

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Legal Practice

“The legal minefield is a hard slog. It's people like CCLC that helped make it possible for me to stand in court against a barrister and be complimented by the judge. Keep up the good work.” Darren

“I don’t know what I would have done without CCLC , contacted you on several occasions and your advice was invaluable and I am sure I could not have represented myself without the advice I received from you. Thank you so much, and thank you for helping me achieve the very best outcome for my child.” Louise

“If you ever find yourself needing this kind of service then try these people. Very friendly, informative and free.” Parveen

"My daughter's new school has been a breath of fresh air, and she wouldn't have got there without all your help. I am very grateful for the service I received and I hope the funding is there to help more families." Dipa, mother of 7-year-old child who was badly bullied at school.

"I cannot thank the Children’s Legal Centre enough for all your help and hard work over the past year. To hear my child say to me earlier that she cannot wait to go back to school is a comment that would never have been heard before. Eventually, the system might change to save people like myself from going through all the stress that it causes, but until then keep up the good work and compassion for all those parents still fighting."

"I was very happy and comfortable with your service. Well done and thank you for your support. We could be on the street begging food if it was not for Coram Children's Legal Centre. I would recommend anyone to you because I was very, very happy with the service and help my daughter got from your solicitors - they welcomed us with both hands." Lydia and Gabrielle

"I found the procedures for a Tribunal a bit confusing. Your adviser explained things excellently. You made what was for me a nightmare situation, much easier. Thank you for your patience, friendliness and professionalism."

Child Protection Project

"I am impressed with the website. The information is succinct and very helpful." Jenny Selim, Designated Nurse Child Protection

"We are finding the website really useful and the practical tips and the map are really useful in-house tools for training and awareness raising." Phil Miller, Voluntary Action Waltham Forest 

"This is an excellent, brief, easy and quick-to-read update for safeguarding professionals." Jane Bell, Oxfordshire PCT Safeguarding Lead

Migrant Children's Project

“I got the fees loan paid to my university and the course is going really well. Thanks a lot for all your help, I don't know how else I would have got by.” Lara

"Just rang Migrant Children advice line. Incredibly helpful and friendly. Their report Seeking support is also clear and concise. Thank you." Louise Trenchard

"Excellent training from a clearly knowledgeable and experienced professional."

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